Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Investigating the Investigators

In this installment of 3D Politics Live..
- Investigating the Investigation. With The Mueller probe into any Russian collaboration with the Trump campaign now over. The new Attorney General now wants to know how the federal justice dept. agencies got so corrupt.

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The methodical process of exposing Deep State is moving at a snail's pace. Four years ago the very catch phrase was the surest way to get one labeled as a kook. Then Rush Limbaugh told Chris Wallace during Trump's first month in office, that the problem is real. There is an effort of the career operatives in D.C. to limit or destroy any elected official who stands in the way.
Enter Donald Trump..
The most unlikely president in American history came into office without owing the political establishment anything. His enemies were in both political powers, going back to the 1950s. Only two presidents in the last 50 years defied the hideous forces of the D.C. beltway. Ronald Reagan, who was gravely wounded within weeks of taking office; and Donald Trump.
GOP Deep State
It's not that other candidates didn't try to run for office. Sen. Barry Goldwater was destroyed politically by his primary foe, Nelson Rockefeller. The Rockefeller family dominated east coast politics with allies like Gov. George Romney of Michigan (Mitt's father), and Sen. Prescott Bush of Connecticut (Bush41's father). The trio sought to discredit Ronald Reagan ever since the actor sought the governorship of California.

The Durham Investigation is a Justice Dept. investigation into the DC headquarters & FBI activities, and what plot may have been launched to remove President Trump from office.

Reagan made a fateful decision in 1980, to add Prescott's son, George HW Bush; to the presidential ticket at the party convention. It may have helped Reagan avoid campaign sabotage during that general election, but it set up the Bush family to leverage power for the next 40 years.
Democrat Deep State..
​ No one speaks at a national party convention without a massive force leveraging that access to the podium. Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, attained that access in 1988. Four years later he became the president. Of all his cabinet selections, none was as bizarre as when he got a local District Attorney in Florida placed into the role of Attorney General. Janet Reno and Clinton teamed up to force a legislative agenda centered around "The Crime Bill". It's passage led to a conservative electoral revolt in 1994, which set back the rest of the Clinton presidency. But the Clinton thugs controlled the Democrat party to the present day. The only exception was when an even more aggressive rival named Barry Obama was chosen in 2008, out of concerned about the Hillary Clinton 'baggage' of the previous 30 years. Yet Hillary continued to amass even more power in the swamp through party intimidation and fundraising prowess.
Clintons & Obama became strategic partners in setting up a massive deep state machine. But again, the legislative agenda precipitated an electoral revolt in the next 2 years. The Tea Party revolt became a massive force. 
The Obama team sought to suppress and prosecute the Tea Party... first by directing Lois Lerner to keep these local civic organizations from attaining nonprofit status from the IRS. Tax Court prosecution was soon to follow. That plot got exposed by congressional hearings and was thwarted.
The courts needed to be dominated by Obama's activist fellow lawyers. This objective was easily done, thanks to senate courtesy in the Republican caucus. Those same federal judges exposed their lack of prudence when Trump became president. Only the Obama failure to pack the Supreme Court kept our nation from tyranny & resulting revolution.
The State Dept. has always been a prime objective of the Deep State. This was true when the Rockefellers created the Council on Foreign relations over 50 years ago. It has resulted in meddling in foreign politics ever since. The "Arab Spring" series of revolutions in moderate Arab nations, replacing them with Jihad radicals, was a key success of Hillary Clinton's, while she served as Secretary of State for Obama.
The Justice Dept. is a central focus of conspiracy at this present time. Janet Reno, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, and to a lesser impact, Jim Comey, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe, & Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. the last 3 on this list are currently under some sort of investigations. When the courts and the Justice Dept. are corrupted, the tyranny is complete. It's only a matter of time before the nation comprehends the loss of their nation.

The Counter Strike..
Trump is more liberated than Reagan was, in dealing with deep state insurgencies. While predecessors were mocked as paranoid, the narrative now has real credible evidence of existence. Alex Jones has long been dismissed as a kook by mainstream media outlets and social media tyrants. But when Rush Limbaugh lended credibility and insights, talk radio and alternative media outlets nationwide begame ernest research. Greg Garrett and Sarah Carter struke gold and published continuously.