Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Thanksgiving Special - Full Show

In this installment of 3D Politics Live..
  • Referees are obstructing the NFL. Tom recaps the excesses in the NFL officiating, this season, and what he'd do to fix it.
  • Tulsa Throws Away The BassMaster Classic.  Tulsa's most historic national sportsman's competition just gave up on the city, The Bassmaster Classic didn't even get a bid from the city where the event was born and held for nearly 50 years.
  • The South Dakota Solution To Drug Abuse. The state of South Dakota is proud of their ad campaign to fight methamphetamines. But is it a futile waste of tax money? Does it make sense to imprison adults for their choice of drugs? What is a constitutional method of approaching the topic of bad consumption choices made by people?  Why do governments make unconstitutional laws, and leave them in our statutory code, even if they don't prosecute anyone (successfully)?
  • The European Jewelry Heist.  Why steal a historic and notorious piece of jewelry, if you can't wear it publicly? Tom explains why actual property assets are better than 'cashing out'.
  • Impeachment Bust? The desperate effort to impugn trump, has just emphasized how corrupt Joe Biden was, and is. Van talks about the lesson that Majority Leader, Dick Armey taught him & a group of Tulsans, back in 1994. It's still true, to this day.
  • The Annual E Coli Scare.  Oldham points out that this is probably the 4th year in a row, that California produce growers issued a recall on Romaine Lettuce. He wants to know why?
  • Senators Creating A Crisis In Business Robberies. Inhofe & Lankford illustrate exactly why the founders insisted that the US not have a central bank. But congress has effectively become the fascist banking power, as illustrated by their ban on some businesses having the ability to use banks for safe transfer of assets & paying taxes.
  • Court Updates. 
  • How to tap into the 3D Politics content. Van explains the many ways that 3D Politics is getting the weekly content delivered to you.
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