Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Stitt Got Trumped & Holy Water Got Banned - full show

In this installment of 3D Politics,
Part 1:
Stitt Get's Trumped By Several Legislative Overrides
Senate Betrays House In The Process.
Several Key Issues Abandoned By Legislative Rush To Adjourn Early

Part 2
Marijuana Reforms Die, Causing Massive Business Failure Projections
Health Dept. Hides Great News of Early Recovery From Wuhan Virus
Mask Nazis Get Discredited
Trump Campaign Commends Sooner Politics & Oklahoma Citizen Journalism

Part 3:
Forced Vaccines  Defended By Former Civil Liberties Attorney
Catholics Ban Holy Water At Tulsa Church

Part 4:
New Entries in our Cultural Lexicon
Stomping out Snitches
Those Who Love Freedom vs Those Who Love Power
Lawlessness By Our Govt
Tom McCay Releases New Pop Hit

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