Monday, June 14, 2021

School Lunch Lady Lettuce Caper - full show

In this installment of 3D Politics,
The guys check in from 3 separate states, to give this timely report on several local, state & national issues. -More corruption an missing money in our state public schools -Christian Ministries want the needy to live on the other side of town. -Congressman Hern Meets With Trump & Releases His Path To A Balanced Budget -Constitutional Focus talks about our property rights & Eminent Domain Dave Goes Rogue and talks Q Anon -And so much more! is committed to informing & mobilizing conservative Oklahomans for civic reform & restored liberty. We seeks to utilize the efforts of all cooperative facets of the Conservative movement... Content of the diverse columns are solely at the discretion of the dozens of websites who create the content. David Van Risseghem is the founder of this platform. Stay connected to SoonerPolitics and all the Oklahoma news at Discuss the events with us at our social media site:
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