Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Okla Tax Commission Calls Off Attempt To Apply Tobacco Tax on Medical Marijuana

In this installment of 3D Politics Live..

-"We made a mistake", says the tax collectors.

  Last week several dispensaries reported that an agent of the Oklahoma Tax Commission entered their local shops and demanded payment of Tobacco Taxes on some Marijuana Medicines; in addition to the Retail State & Local Sales Tax, and the Marijuana Excise Tax.
 Noted Cannabis Industry Attorney, Ron Durbin, published the demands to consumers and shops across the state and asked citizens to express their input on the agency-created requirement.
  Today Durbin posted the following update to his clients as well as the advocates, patients, and Cannabis business proprietors.
  The voters directed that cannabis medicines would be subject to a 7% tax on retail sales.  But the OTC perverted the intent by declaring that the text really meant to call it an excise tax and then the OTC declared that a full state & local sales tax must also be charged. This more than doubled the effective tax rate.
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