Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Mitt's Inner Weasel, More OKGOP Woes - Full Show

In this installment of 3D Politics Live..
0:10 Mitt's Inner Weasel
4:17 A Murder Arrest of a Ft. Worth Cop
10:31 What Are Police Depts Trying To Do?
21:02 Kunzweiler Vs Johns, or Sanctuary For Prostitutes
27: 01 OKGOP Woes Grow
42:00 Tulsa Cops Defy State Gun Laws
50:50 Moto Defies Unconstitutional Gun Ban
58:12 Our Corrupt Court System: All The Justice you Can Buy
1:00:27 Barristers & Other Corrupt Guilds
1:15:08 Tulsa Trump Supporters Meet Antifa

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