Friday, November 1, 2019

Will Guns Make Us More Polite?

In this installment of 3D Politics Live..
- Will Guns Make Us More Polite?  Oklahoma joined 16 other states in honoring the US Constitution's respect for self defense rights. It that end, personal arms are no longer infringed by adding hurdles, fees & waiting periods.

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With a November 1st effective date, a few Democrat leftists went to court to attempt to block the implementation of the newly restored civil right of self defense.
Rep. Jason Lowe fought to block the civil right by first attempting a citizen referendum petition. The group who helped this tactic fell very short of the 59,000 they needed.
Then Lowe claimed in a court petition that the state's constitutional 'single subject' rule was violated because more than one named personal defense armament was stated.
A District Court Judge denied a preemptive injunction while the lawsuit is litigated; Lowe said he would seek an emergency appeal by the Oklahoma Supreme Court on Halloween Day (today).
Lowe's suit remains in place and citizens may ultimately lose this legal battle. But it's a thinly-veiled political tactic to stop a movement of the people to reassert constitutional law and civil rights.
It remains to be seen whether Rep. Lowe will be ultimately be charged with Barratry (abuse of the court system).
Don Spencer gives a short video recap on the Injunction against the Constitutional Carry Law.
On Friday morning there will be a rally at the South pavilion of the state capitol. Participants can lawfully (& constitutionally) carry arms on the capitol grounds on that day. But the fight isn't over. Rep. Lowe's legal team still has a date in court.