Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Govt Cowards, Thugs, and Tyrants - full show

In this installment of 3D Politics,
Govt Cowards Thugs and Tyrants
 Part 1: Absence of Sense. Local & state officials are passing the buck and claiming that the decisions of local importance need approval from others who live and work at govt. buildings, which are hours away from the people who are impacted by such matters.
 Part 2: Brunswick & Tanzania Demand Justice. We break down the case of the Brunswick Georgia retired cop who behaved quite unneighborly when a jogger trotted down his street.  He's now charged with murder, along with some of the ad hoc posse who tracked down and ultimately shot the jogger to death.

Part 3: Aussie Thugs & Courthouse Thugs.  This past weekend there arose a video account of a woman in Australia who adorned a sandwich board with a handwritten message of dissent of local policy. The govt. decided that it was not a proper protest that the govt. could support with a permit to gather. So they sent the cops to apply force upon her while her young child screamed in horror of losing his mother to the impending arrest.
  then we questioned why the multipurpose county offices which also house district courts (when they are not indefinitely disbanded; are ordered closed by state court judges? Is this not a county facility of essential purpose for matters not involving a judicial branch function?  We simply ask county commissioners to take their own buildings back and open their essential services and public records.

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