Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Gun Grabbers & Nullifiers - full show

In this installment of 3D Politics Live..
  • Virginia leftists take over and declare legislative efforts to seize guns.
  • Grabbers Part 2 - The Spirit of Lavoy Finicum
  • Grabbers Part 3 - the Urban/Rural Divide
  • Tom's Holiday Epiphanies
  • 3rd Party Presidential Campaign Update
  • Commemorative Poker Cards of Oklahoma Legislators
  • The January 21st Legislative Town Hall on Marijuana Policy
  • The Hardin Manifesto: State Nullification of Federal Gun Laws
  • Manifesto Part 2- 'Simple yet Profound': How clarity is essential to good law
  • Manifesto Part 3 - Not Just A Law, a paradigm shift
  • Play Fantasy Lawmakers! Turn your grassroots advocacy into a competitive sporting challenge.

Fantasy Lawmakers goes online.

Season two premiers at the new studio, following the holiday constructions and epiphanies.

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