Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Iranian Schemes, Vaccine Fights, Court Updates - Full Show

In this installment of 3D Politics Live..
- While Oldham is involved in a massive grassroots victory at the New Jersey state capitol, Dambrose & Van joined Tom McCay for a weekly installment focusing on;

  • - Cop Hunting. Tulsa Mayor gets brow-beaten by racial groups, while seeking a new police chief,
  • - Iranian Schemes. After the US targets a top Iranian terrorist, Iran telegraphs a few futile punches and kills 170 of their own foreign allies,
  • - Vaccine Fights overtake the New Jersey Legislature & Oldham wires in his report from in the mob at Trenton,
  • - Virginia's legislature backs off from their big gun grab,
  • - Court Updates: Nick Sandman's Lottery winnings, Tim Harper's hardships, And Paul Tay's enraging of Tulsa's public morals.
 We're still processing the video feed, but Listen to the Podcast, here.

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